Mastering Egg Health Program

Imagine each egg as a delicate seed. Just as every seed holds the promise of life, longing for the right conditions to bloom, each egg harbours the potential of creation.

Why is Nourishing Your Egg Quality Essential?

Age & Egg

As time progresses, especially after age 35, a woman’s egg reserves decrease in number and quality.

Genetic Factors

Eggs with compromised quality can bear chromosomal abnormalities, potentially leading to miscarriages.

Fertilisation and Implantation

Good quality eggs have a higher chance of being fertilised correctly and implanting in the uterus, leading to a healthy pregnancy.

Our Personalised Approach

Your fertility path, filled with its unique challenges, deserves specialised attention.

I was almost giving up hope, but the Mastering Egg Health Program gave me clarity, direction, and results!

From the personalised meal plans to the consultations, every step felt like it was designed just for us. We're grateful for Catherine's dedication and expertise.

Program Highlights

Revitalise Egg Health

Unearth evidence-based strategies to boost egg quality and fertility.

Maximise IVF Outcomes

Supercharge your potential for a triumphant IVF cycle or successful embryo implantation.

Whole-Body Nourishment

Craft an environment within, ensuring it's primed and ready to nurture a healthy pregnancy.

What’s Included

Lifetime Access Just for You

Immerse yourself in our online training portal. Unlock the secrets of our proven 4-step system for optimal egg health. From what to avoid, what to eat, supplements, body & home detoxification – it's all here.

Nutrition Consultations

Benefit from four in-depth Zoom sessions. I'll dive deep to address your unique needs and challenges, providing personalised solutions every step of the way.

Meal Planning

Receive bespoke meal plans and recipes tailored to your preferences & needs. Take the guesswork out of what to eat, saving precious time & ensuring you nourish your body.

Egg and Sperm Quality Enhancement

Boost your fertility with a supplement regimen curated specifically for you. And for partners? A special supplement regimen designed to optimise sperm health because it takes two to tango!

Nutrition Guides for Conception and Beyond

Harness the power of nutrition from the first step of conception to the exhilarating first trimester, ensuring both you and your baby get the best start.

Exclusive Masterclasses

Understanding and tracking your menstrual cycle and identifying your fertile window. Additionally, gain insights on optimal exercise routines when trying to conceive and fortify your mindset to navigate fertility challenges confidently delivered by experts in the field.

Ready to Embark on a Transformative Fertility Journey?

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